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A Rant re-launched

Posted by FredH On June - 23 - 2011 Subscribe here


Welcome to the re-launched Occasional Rant.

This site has undergone some changes – a move to a new hosting provider, and an upgrade to a new site framework (WordPress).

I am not sure that the posts from the old site will be coming back.   They may be technically difficult to retrieve.  But even if they not, it would take some time to do the recovery, and I am not entirely sure how much time I want to put into it.

I think I have things set to allow registrations, and comments from registered users (though comments might still be reviewed before showing up – just for safety).   If you had a registration for comments at the old site, sadly that has been lost permanently.  Sorry about that.

Here’s looking forward to a brand new set of rants!



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