Fred Hepperle


After assembling a group of dedicated homeowners to share in the leadership at Cherry Hill Townhomes, Fred is elected Vice-President at Cherry Hill Townhomes Homeowners Association.  

The new role allows him to continue to particpate and advise the board of directors while being less involved with day-to-day operations of the association.  The shift in duties opens up the possibility of focusing on new things.  To that end, 2006 saw the following major homeowners association projects:
Street resurfacing
Major change in insurance coverage

Fred Hepperle, owner of HepCats Technologies, has been named by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to serve on the Technology Subcommittee of the 2006 Phoenix Citizen's Bond Committee.

As a member of the Technology Subcommittee, Mr. Hepperle will help evaluate, prioritize, and recommend projects to the Executive Bond Committee, who will review recommendations and ultimately craft an overall bond program for consideration by the City Council and Phoenix residents.  

Fred founds HepCats Technologies LLC to service clients in need of computer networking specialties and other technical assistance.  

Fred is nominated by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to the North Mountain Village Planning committee.


Fred is elected President of  Cherry Hill Townhomes Homeowner's Association, and is re-elected the following 5 years.  During this time, he is active in reducing the impact that a City of Phoenix street redesign has on the Townhouse community.   By working with City planners and engineers, Fred was able to increase guest parking spaces available to Cherry Hill residents.  

Fred takes a leadership role in his area's Fight Back program, chairing the law enforcement sub committee.  The law enforcement component of the "Save our Sunnyslope" Fight Back exceeded its goals of reducing crime and inproving safety by the end of the program.

Fred is elected to board of directors at Cherry Hill Townhomes.